First Employee? Here’s What to Do When You Are Ready to Hire

Things to do before hiring your first employee

Hiring your first employee is exciting, but confusing. It opens the door to numerous new requirements and payroll concerns. What do you need to do now that you are employing people? Before you can hire your first employee, you must set up an EIN Your Employee Identification Number is much like a Social Security number […]

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What’s the difference between an employee and an independent contractor?

Employee vs. Independent Contractor

An employee and an independent contractor can both perform the same job or service, but their relationship with the employer or business owner that pays them is quite different. The main difference between hiring an employee and using an independent contractor to do the work you need to be done is the amount of control you can […]

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Workers Comp FAQ

Worker's Comp FAQ

What is Workers Compensation? Workers Compensation is a form of insurance that employers pay to cover employees who suffer work-related injuries. Employees can file a claim and receive all necessary medical care for the work-related injury as well as compensation for lost income while they recover from their injuries and are unable to work. Workers Comp protects the […]

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Proposed Overtime Regulation Changes

Proposed Changes to the Overtime Law

By 2016, likely every business and every industry will be affected by the proposed changes to the overtime laws in the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). In fact, according to the Department of Labor, 11 million employees will be impacted. Though not all these changes are necessarily negative, depending on your business, you need to be […]

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